AsperKubrick: What Life in Pictures?

AsperKubrick: What Life in Pictures? Featured

In this dissertation I will analyse the films of Stanley Kubrick to see how these may display stylistic, aesthetic and narrative features which in my opinion reveal Asperger’s-like traits.
The research is conducted within an Auteurist framework with the intention of revealing a non coincidental pattern throughout Kubrick’s career and it can serve as basis for a future analysis of his own possible Asperger’s-like personality traits.

“Why Stanley Kubrick consciously decided to produce a series of films so particular, so artistically courageous and so unrelatable for a certain section of the audience?
Sadly, the intent of this dissertation is not to reply to this question because it would deserve a much deeper and long research into Kubrick’s persona, his life and his psyche.
What we can (and should) do is to approach the problem from the bottom up: start looking at these films, deconstruct them to isolate specific useful elements and recombine those same elementary pieces in macro categories which then could serve for a future audience study or a treatment on Kubrick’s psyche.
It will be a research through his brief (and thus poignant) filmography done using a specific lens and a particular scale, the lens of psychology and the scale of Aspergerism”.

I film sono visti rigorosamente in lingua originale.
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Autore: Federico Del Monte

I was Born, I Live, I will Die

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