Garbo, Christina and Asperger

Garbo, Christina and Asperger Featured

This paper wants to explore the possible neurological similarities between Greta Garbo and Queen Christina taking a cue from the homonymous movie.

“Any retrospective judgment upon Greta Garbo, Queen Christina and their neurological condition should be done only after a medical examination and, since they both are long dead, this entire essay should be “taken with a pinch of salt”.
But the barrier of space and time can’t be an excuse for not trying to find different and more intriguing explanations to their unusual lives.
If one looks at the Queen Christina depicted in Garbo’s film, it’s easy to find historical discrepancies and inaccuracies, but Queen Christina was never intended as a historiographical product; in fact it was (and is) a piece of art, a message conveyed through the wise use of light.
And in the same way this essay was never intended as a medical paper about two dead Swedish women, but it was (and is) more a stimulus to a deeper and diverse way of seeing Cinema”.

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